My strength roles: Admin, Logistics, Consumer Insights


With utmost enthusiasm to work at; ContactContact heres what I could immediately bring to the work desk. ContactContact Keen in capturing all the things that need to get done ContactContact(whether now, ContactContact later, ContactContact big, ContactContact little) with a logical system inclusive of the head information and off the head innovation. ContactContact Clarified Commitments with organized reminder system to fulfill them ContactContact With my work experience a small but significant thing truly learnt; ContactContact If it takes longer than 60seconds to file something, YOU DONT FILE, YOULL STACK. ContactContact A Strong believer in LEARN TO CONNECT. ContactContact Almost every work or project could be done better and an infinite quantity of information is now available that could make that happen.


New challenges to make my strengths stronger and professional growth
Constructive environment at work

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**0,000 INR

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

8 years
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