Mobile Developer / QA / Tech support / Technical writing


I'm a software developer currently specializing in mobile development with additional
work experience as a teacher and as a computer technician.
I believe that the maturity, pedagogy and clarity I gained while working in the French
public schooling system might be of use in pretty much all fields. Workwise, my
main worries are communication, clearness and teamwork; those are elements that I
deem necessary in the IT field, where I do my best and in which I progressed a lot in
the past few years.
I believe they are highly necessary to ensure that goals and deadlines are respected.
"A man of many trades yet a master of none" might be a good way to describe me, I
like to think of myself as a Swiss Army Knife, highly adaptable and multi-functional
yet not highly specialized.
I'm happy to be able to say that my broad set of skills, whether soft or hard, can be
useful for most types of situations.
Even if I do many things, I'm still a man of focus and sheer will; I do my job and I do
my best to do it well. I have a lot of patience and problem-solving skills, I dont
surrender and I go through the end of projects.
I am always as honest as I should be, Id rather never lose my time by
miscommunicating, clear communication is the best in most cases; I won't bullshit
my way around.
I'd say that life is not a competition and if it was a race, it'd be a long one. I don't want
to solely look at the short term and build products that don't last or that can't be
maintained. Making higher quality products might be slow but it is much better in all
regards such as ease of maintenance (which leads to non-frustrating days.),
after-sale support, bug tracking.
However I dont mind working fast and efficiently if necessary, Im able to.
Working well is the way to efficiency.

My career goal is to progress toward a less technical position, but one where my
technical expertise would still be needed, in a way to put all my experience and skills
into use.
I want to be in a good and sane workplace where people work with (and not against)
each other.


A sane workplace where I can learn, progress, participate in the company's culture, achieve many things, be useful...
Zero bullshit
Also a great location (Interesting city/country; trendy or hip places)

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 EUR

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

7 years

Startup Experience

3 years

Enterprise Experience

4 years
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