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I have been a professional and self-employed Mobile and Web Developer for over seven years, with a focus on mobile technologies. I am currently working on a prototype mobile application that allows users to submit and track trouble tickets. My experience includes working with Android and iOS app technologies such as Kotlin, Swift, Android Studio, XCode, MVVM, Jetpack, XML, UIKit, RecyclerView, TableView, Coroutines, Async/Await, as well as REST APIs just to name a few. I also have experience with web technologies including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, as well as others.

In my most recent position as a Mobile Developer and Solutions Engineer at Nike via Future State Consulting, I was responsible for developing and maintaining Android and iOS mobile SDKs responsible for an asynchronous chat experience. I successfully implemented a new feature that allows consumers to inform the business of the reason behind their outreach, routing them to the appropriate agent for help. I also provided numerous bug fixes and architectural improvements to the codebase, improving the consumer and agent experiences. I have coordinated with development teams, business collaborators, and other engineering teams to ensure timely completion of features and provided continuous updates to stakeholders on development and testing. I expanded my knowledge beyond the mobile codebase into tertiary domains, authored technical documentation, and worked with various technologies such as Twilio API, AWS, Jenkins, and Fastlane.


In my next role, I am primarily looking for opportunities that allow me to leverage and expand my skills in mobile and web development, especially in a setting that encourages innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology. I am deeply passionate about creating impactful solutions, and I want to be part of a team that's committed to developing products or applications that genuinely improve users' lives and-or significantly enhance business operations.

Moreover, I value environments that promote growth, both at the individual and team levels. I am drawn to challenges that will stretch my capabilities and inspire me to acquire new competencies. Equally important is a collaborative work culture where I can learn from diverse perspectives, contribute meaningfully to team successes, and engage in constructive dialogues to refine and optimize our processes. Ultimately, I am driven by the thrill of solving complex problems and the satisfaction of seeing my work contribute to the bigger picture.

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