ML and Data Mining Researcher (Thesis Submitted and waiting for PhD Degree)


I have recently completed my research and my area of study is Machine Learning and Data mining.
I am yet to receive my PhD degree however the thesis has been submitted (December 21) along with all other formalities.
As part of my research i have developed new machine learning algorithm using python and those are published into journals.
I can join in 30 days as i am already serving notice in my current organization.
Below are my technical skill and you can consider me an experienced ML resource as I did extensive coding and wrote ML Algorithms during my PhD program .
My technical skills are
Machine learning
Data mining
Data structure
Data analytics
Java script.
Below are some paper published into Machine learning and data mining ,CRM etc areas by me in several journals .
A Hybrid Approach for Automatic Customer Feedback Classification in CRM,
Design Engineering, Issue 6, August, 2021.
Machine Learning Approach to Predict Potential Profitable Customers in
CRM, Design Engineering, Issue 7, July, 2021.
Online Bus Pass Generation Using QR Code, Volume 6, Issue 5,IRJCS, June,
Online Product Offer Analysis For Customer Profitability With Collaborative
Filtering, Volume 6, Issue 5,IRJCS, June, 2019.
CRM based on Naïve-Bayesian Classification, IJCSET, Vol 7 No.07, July, PP 343-
A Survey Of Customer Relationship Management, IJIRCCE, Vol 3,Issue 11,
November, pp-10436-10440, 2015.
A Survey of Text Mining Techniques on Customer Relationship Management,
Vol. II, Special Issue V, MAY, pp 38-41,2015 ,IJARTET.
Requesting you to consider and provide an interview opportunity in case of any suitable matches.


I am passionate about programming and innovation using any language. So a work where i can explore, i can implement new algorithm based on the requirements ,will be my preference.
During my Phd i was into academic section so i have limited industry exposure.
But a right skill can fit when an exact opportunity is there.
So i believe my research, my project work with students related to below skill will be useful.
Python,ML,data mining,data science,data structure and algo,c,Javascript.
During my academics below are the subject i use to take for my students
Data Structure
Machine Learning
Compiler Design
Automata Theory

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

*,*00,000 INR / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

16 years

Startup Experience

2 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

no experience
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