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I have always been on the technical side of software from development to support and customization to implementation and back to development. Right after I finished my B.S. I taught myself C++ as I worked on a project to create a statistically average cell. The was the beginning of a career in digital imaging.
When it was time to move on I found The Iron Yard where I took a Java backend development course. Three weeks into that 12 week course, I was beginning the homework for week five! To slow me down, the instructor asked me to rewrite one of the homework assignments that I had completed in about 5 hours in Java, but to do the rewrite in Clojure. It took me all weekend plus a Stackoverflow post to get it done. Monday morning I turned in (presented) two projects, one in Java and one in Clojure. They both took the same inputs and gave the same outputs.
Since then I have worked in both C# and Java with a preference for Java. My latest project was rewriting the tax calculations for point of sale system to calculate the tax based on the sum of of the purchased items, rather than calculating the taxes on each item. The purpose of this project was to reduce rounding errors in the calculations.


I prefer a diverse team.
I strongly believe that the medical records systems in the US are backwards. The data about a patient should belong to the patient. I would like to get into one of the many business associated with medical technology and/or medical records.

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