Mechanical Engineer/Automation Engineer


I am completing my last semester pursuing Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Mechatronics Engineering at Ryerson University. What motivates me to seek entry level (junior) opportunities is that I believe working alongside innovative experts will contribute to develop my skills as a future engineer as well as my personality as a career oriented individual. With my experience in the electronics and medical device manufacturing, strong coursework and project experience, my close bond for problem solving and history of successful extracurricular activities, I believe I am a strong candidate. Through my previous internship at Celestica Inc. I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of manufacturing. In particular, as a manufacturing/process intern I had the chance to work closely with the engineering team in setting up new products at the system level including Canadian emergency ventilators and A&D products. I was involved with enhancing the processes by adopting lean manufacturing concepts and design of 3D fixtures and tools. In addition, as a part of my assignments, I was involved with compiling process reports to create certificate of conformance for class 3 products (A&D) in which I had to communicate with aerospace and defense customers in order to address raised issues.
As an undergraduate student I have balanced my coursework and extracurricular activities allowing me to improve my skills relevant to this role. For instance, as an executive member in the ISARU student association of Ryerson University I have achieved great experience regarding leadership and communication skills consolidated by budget-planning and supervising series of educational and cultural events. Studying in Ryerson University has allowed me to gain strong engineering background through group work and laboratory activities such as involvement in design projects in many of my 3rd and 4th year major courses which required strong written and verbal communication as well as technical knowledge in the scope of Mechatronics systems. All in all, the mentioned qualifications have helped me to better understand engineering application in the industry which I am confident is a great asset and makes me a suitable candidate.


Looking for a job which has a decent work culture and promotes growth mindset in an individual level. Further, the best workplace would be one which would expose me to variety projects to help me find my career path and improve my technical skills.

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**,000 CAD

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1 year
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