Mechanical Design Engineer


I am working on the product development of a concept electric vehicle in collaboration with a cross-functional team of mechanical/electrical engineers and industrial designers. A major focus of my current work is to optimize the design for manufacturing and assembly processes.
Major responsibilities were:
1. Design and validation of mechanical systems using CAD software and simulation packages.
2. Design and fabrication of plastic components using thermoforming and 3D printing processes.
3. Optimization of part designs for machining and manufacturing processes.
4. Identification of existing design issues and initiating design changes in the next generation of prototypes.
5. Order of parts from vendors and associated suppliers based on quotations.
Some highlights from my work are mentioned below:
1. Reduced 15% in the overall weight of pod by using thermoforming to create an ABS-based plastic shell.
2. Designed and fabricated a packaging enclosure for PCB boards using an FDM-based 3D printing process.
3. Reduced CNC machining time of upright design by 30% and net weight by 20% after design review.
4. Improved loading performance of A-arms after structural analysis by reducing bending stress by 51%.
5. Fabricated a test fixture and wrote code for the integration of hall sensors with Arduino microcontroller.
6. Conducted a thermal analysis of the braking system to determine the optimal material selection and design specification.
7. Redesigned the electromechanical steering actuator assembly and updated design changes in the PLM system.


Looking to work in a product design & development position to build new products to create a positive impact in collaboration with a talented team.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

2 years
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