Machine Learning Engineer


Meta Platforms, Inc
Internship - Software development engineer
Menlo Park, California
June 2022 - Aug 2022
Worked in the ads optimization team that historically generated 40% of the company's revenue
Updated training process and model architecture for view-through models, which are in the top 20 most profit-making
models, and created multiple online A/B testing experiments
Improved offline performance by almost 20% in some categories and launched model change into production
Achieved an improvement of 3% in the ads score and total revenue

Harman International Bangalore
HarmanX, the R&D division of the company, creates highly impactful future business opportunities that can create significant revenue streams using AI/ML.
Machine Learning Engineer Jan 2021 - Aug 2021
Performed metric learning on edge device for personalized wakeword detection using only five inputs and achieved a miss rate of 10% at three false positives in 24 hours.
Improved the train and test time of the personalized wakeword project by 95%.
Created a website incorporating the departments ML projects for business leaders and stakeholders to interact with and test.
Excellence award, Harman, Given for relentless focus on cost-leadership, execution and quality
Research Intern at HarmanX Jan 2020 - June 2020
Collaborated with the team on a robotics project using ROS, computer vision and ML to enable a robot to navigate an indoor
environment safely.
Successfully implemented real-time face detection and face recognition as part of the project.
Volunteered to create a wakeword dataset of over 1300 utterances by scraping the web, which saved the company over $5000.
Analyzed the false-positive errors and improved the model.
June 2019 Aug 2019
Identified a driver among 15 drivers based on the first 30 seconds of OBD2 data with an accuracy of 90%.
Converted it into a library in python that the rest of the team could use for driver identification.
Technologies - Python, Pytorch, Keras, HTML, JavaScript.

Danske IT Bangalore
Danske IT is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group, the largest bank in Denmark with over 5MM customers. Technologies include Angular, React, C#, Java, PL1, and infrastructure services like Cloud Computing and deliver excellence in areas like API enablement, Process Automation & Data Analytics.
Data Engineer July 2020 - Dec 2020
Built ETL pipelines to move sensitive data (200K entries/day) from mainframe sources to BI and analytics-enabled data marts.
Completed over 10 ETL jobs a month which was the second-highest on the team.
Created an entire pipeline to directly report interest paid by customers every year to the Nordic government with limited time
for real data testing and adhering to strict guidelines.
Technologies - SQL, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Integration Services, Pentaho, Airflow and Python. New York City
Runs is a marketplace enabling Sports, Entertainment, and Travel enthusiasts to access highly curated experiences, from everyday events to lifetime milestones, building lasting memories using blockchain.
Research Summer Intern June 2018 July 2018
Drafted a major section of the yellow paper that the company used to persuade investors to invest in the company
Planned the block validation protocol to be used by the blockchain platform of the company
Surveyed various blockchain firms to find a suitable strategy to follow that best integrates the goals of
Specified multiple ways for incentivizing and penalizing the validators to defend against malfeasance and promote fair play
among validators

FourthLion Technologies Bangalore
FourthLion Technologies Private Limited offers strategy development and implementation, data-based insights and communications, technology, and data analytics solutions.
Data Science Summer Intern July 2017 Aug 2017
Analyzed daily reviews left by customers on the app ~29,000 reviews
Gave insights as to why the company was losing customers and to improve sales
FourthLion integrated the work into their weekly review analysis report on business improvement and enhanced consumer


Looking for opportunities where I can work on real-world problems and utilize Machine learning solutions to solve them. I would to have big responsibilities and learn from them to be a strong Machine learning engineer, developer and leader.

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