Machine learning engineer


I am an M.Sc. graduate from the Eindhoven University of Technology, specialized in Data Science. Apart from technical insight, the extensive course projects and a paper publication has provided me with a better outlook towards the machine learning tasks in hand and has also made me proficient in performing harmoniously in a team. My hands-on experiences include Predictive Modelling, extracting data from databases using SQL and performing model validation using Machine Learning techniques in Python. My Master thesis was focused on Predicting the length of stay of an ICU inpatient, which has enhanced my knowledge of profuse data preparation techniques, identifying and analyzing patterns in the data and implementing Machine Learning algorithms in Python. I have also participated in course projects which integrate data analytics and business models.
Along with technical background, my volunteering activities at both social and cultural events has provided me with the required managerial skills and made me a team player who can blend and collaborate with other team members at the organization. This has also made me aware of the importance of taking initiative to achieve team objectives. I believe that my passion for technology and creative mind match with the aim of the industries. The confidence I bear in my work would make me an asset to such an organization and would inspire me to intensify my research and professional skills.


Work challenges, amicable colleagues, opportunity to utilise existing knowledge, research and professional growth.

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**,000 EUR

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