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Product management: Led the cross-functional team by creating user stories and developing business cases to deliver MVP. This software evaluated client security documents, saving 15 man-hours per document.
Ideation and prototyping: Partnered with various stakeholders to elicit business requirements and designed a working prototype of a web application (SaaS) that reduced client onboarding time from 40 days to 1 week.
Operations management: Optimized the project plan to reduce production release time by ~70%, by automating code build, run and deployment pipeline through DevOps.
Risk management: Developed credit risk solution by adopting Agile and Scrum principles to generate an internal credit score for the client. The tracking and issuing technique of this platform eliminated 30 % of the potential risk.
Product Validation: Minimized the manual testing effort to 40% (CI/CD) through automation of tests and bug report generation.
Market research: Reduced the companys manufacturing cost by 20%, by performing market analysis on motors for domestic appliances to replace existing induction motors.
Design and product development: Conducted feasibility analysis and designed a Brushless DC Motor for ceiling fan. Cut down the size, weight, and torque (~35 % each) and increased the speed (4 times) making it a cost-effective market player.
Collaborated with Wayfair, as a student liaison, to implement internationalization strategy in the UK, Canada and Germany.
Identified customer segments, recommended A/B test plans, and proposed country-specific go-to-market strategy.
Data analytics and modeling to provide value-based medical services for the public, in partnership with Open City Labs, NY.
Conducted market sizing and cost-benefit analysis to provide healthcare for the homeless (60k in NYC), through an SBIR grant.
Analysis of patterns and trends of carpooling in the automobile industry, environment, and world GDP. Led the team to design utility functions and models, to aid decision making across different sectors.
Launched a change management system at Standard Chartered decreasing the processing time from 9 hours to 20 minutes.

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**,000 USD / year

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2 years

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2 years
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