Logistics Specialist


Currently working as Logistics Specialist in Allyn International pvt limited. With a PG background of Logistics and Supply chain management & Commerce. Analytical, autonomous, determined and progressive academic life, an independent personality who is well organized and system minded with a vision to excel in the work which I have been allocated as in any field, As a person with different backgrounds I can assure you that I know how to act accordingly to the futuristic changes in the market and, my key skills are - great communication skills, multi-tasking , hardworking personal, optimistic, team worker, community service, I can handle almost four to five different languages, problem solving skills etc.
Self-motivated can be the one word which I can describe myself of, who believes in self-respect for the good work which is delivered in good faith. My aim is to Secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my knowledge, skills, and bring out the best possible outcome for the organization.


Actually speaking, The job atmosphere matters to me a lot. As we all are learners i need to learn more about the industries and processes more as the learning part is an endless .The colleagues matters as I am a team player. I will definitely need their support .the job must be challenging as well as engaging . I am a person who like to meet new people keep connections with new people etc. I haven't shown my best potential yet, if i get a chance to prove it. it would be this time. I will see the company as my own company. My goals for the company are that it have a work atmosphere in which I will contribute to the team, be recognized for my efforts, provide career security, and have the opportunity to advance within the company.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 INR

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

1 year
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