Junior Software Developer


Created an eCommerce application that allows users to view and purchase shoes
Utilized React Context API to allow users to add and remove items from their cart, while storing the cart information in the local storage
Integrated Stripe API to enable users to perform a guest checkout for items from their cart
Utilized: SASS, React, Stripe API, Express

Bridges to Prosperity
Developed a prototype application in collaboration with stakeholders to display information about existing and planned bridges to be built in third world countries
Collaborated with back-end team to be able to quantitatively show the impact of the built bridges and potential impact the bridges would have when built
Implemented user validation for administrative accounts to add, edit, or remove bridges
Utilized: React, JavaScript, MapBox API

Use My Tech Stuff
Developed a web application that allows users to rent or loan electronics
Collaborated with many developers during Build Weeks to work on different stages of development, encompassing a fullstack role
Deployed RESTful API on Heroku to allow users to create an account, which further allows users to add, edit, or remove, or rent listings depending on the ownership of the listing
Utilized: HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, React, Express, SQLite3

Built a mock application that allows users to share potential locations to go camping
Integrated Passport.js to implement an authentication system to create new user accounts that allows for CRUD operations for their own campgrounds or to leave a review on other users campgrounds
Implemented MapBox API to display clusters that represent the volume of campgrounds within populated areas
Utilized: EJS, MongoDB, Express, JavaScript


I'm looking for my first break into the tech career scene, as well as an opportunity to grow as both a developer and a professional.

Employment Preferences
  • California, United States
  • Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Texas, United States
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