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Hi there! I'm a retired operating room nurse and junior software developer. Curious and observant by nature, Im looking for full-time work in software, specifically seeking guidance and mentorship.
My BS is in Nursing but recently I've taught myself Python, Django, Git, GitHub, JavaScript, and data structures/ SQL.
Why Im most excited to switch careers: the tech industry seems forward thinking by default, as contrasted with medicine which I've found to be steeped in rigid, hierarchical thinking. I want to contribute to the advancement of humanity, even in "small" ways!
I've got a BS degree from Rutgers and worked as an operating room nurse/trauma surgery nurse for 8 years. It was a tough job but I learned some key things about myself:
How to communicate about critical things even to people who are intimidating (like a brain surgeon in the middle of a tricky operation).
I can learn complex technical skills that I don't even particularly like - and still master them and move on.
I am a very empathetic person, but the medical industry tends to exploit that, and I cannot work in a life-or-death industry.
I value forward-thinking and process improvement. Computers are tools to help humans live better!

I am also an artist on the side, and created a e-commerce website with Squarespace a few years ago, which gave me an appreciation for page speed and SEO. While I enjoy art, it doesn't pay the bills. If you've got an audience, you can sell almost anything, but it you don't have an audience, well that's marketing - a totally different skill set.

Tech interests: UI/UX, GPT-3/4, MidJourney AI, cybersecurity.
Ultimate goal: work for a B-Corp or a company/start-up doing Earth-affirming things.

I'm looking to join an organized and motivated team!


A team of organized and motivated people who value mentorship and guidance. I would love to work for a Certified B Corp or an organization doing Earth-affirming things.
As a nurse I honed the soft skills that you'll appreciate: team management, non-violent communication, attention to detail, public speaking, etc. Now, I'm learning the hard skills of software: Python, Django, JavaScript, SQL, version control, data structures, git, etc.
I want to put my knowledge to work and have a direction for further learning. What framework should I tackle next? Bring me into your organization and show me the problems you solve, I'd love to contribute.

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