Junior Java Developer


I am an IT: Software Developer graduate with some experience in mobile and web app development. I used spring boot to develop Java back-end, from POJOs to microservices(CRUD functionality). As for the front-end, I used angular, Ionic framework, JavaScript and CSS. I was part initially assigned back-end duties but later moved to front-end since the back-end functionality was complete early in the application development. The team was using Trello to track tasks, and agile methodologies. On my recent role as a back office engineer, I was responsible for the health of the application infrastructure, from the database to servers using Linux, DBVisualizer, Bitbucket to name a few tools. Testers and developers relied on my team for logs and tracking down errors for debugging. I would sometimes single handedly carry out deployments on Ansible Tower and adjusting deployment scripts along the way. This was to remove minor errors and warnings to smooth out deployments throughout the application deployment phases. While getting familiar with Ansible I would also create Ansible scripts to automate daily, recursive tasks.


I would like a friendly working environment with a team that fails together and wins together. As a team player, I am always willing to help or at least a chance to try. I feel I am flexible, I do not limit myself to my resume and would appreciate a team that will afford me an opportunity to explore other technologies, and in turn become a better armed developer

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

*,*18,000 USD / year

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** USD


Total Professional Experience

2 years
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