Java Backend Developer


#Resume App
>Demo version with all technologies has been codded in this application
>This project has been assembled by 4 pieces such as resumeDatabaseApp(jdbc, hibernate), resumeDesktopApp(swing), resumeWebApp(jsp/html/css), resumeWebAppRest
>Developed JDBC to connect data source, send queries and update statements to the database
>Used Hibernate ORM to map Java objects to relational database tables, and along with it, added Spring DATA JPA to provide repository support for the Jakarta Persistence API (JPA)
>Implemented user authentication and authorization using Spring Security
>Developed JSP classes and used Bootstrap, HTML, CSS to create dynamically generated web pages
#Province Service
>Developed sample Restful APIs using Java, Spring Web, Spring Data Jpa, Spring Boot DevTools, MySql
>used Postman to send requests to endpoints, retrieve data from data source, and test an API's functionality
>Applied Exception Handling Methods
#Microservice Application
>developed APİ-GATEWAY software layer to functions as a single endpoint for various APIs performing tasks such as request composition, routing, and protocol translation.used Postman to send requests to endpoints, retrieve data from data source, and test an API's functionality
>used a EUREKA SERVER to holds the information about all client-service applications and register Every Micro service into it


"I am thrilled by the prospect of joining as a junior Java developer and actively participating in the team's projects. Having had the privilege to work on real-world projects alongside senior developers, I am excited to continue this collaborative learning experience. My familiarity with tools like Jira has enabled me to effectively manage tasks and contribute to project planning. I am committed to maintaining a high standard of code quality, adhering to best practices, and embracing opportunities to expand my skill set. I am also open to extending my support beyond regular hours to contribute to the team's goals.

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  • Azerbaijan
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