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I'm a supportive mentor, an innovative problem-solver, and an engaging collaborator with excellent written and verbal communication skills. My core traits include curiosity and empathy. I have broad experience including clinical nursing, web applications development, systems integration, and database programming, in addition to statistics and data science. I'm a recent graduate of a masters program, where I was awarded a merit-based analytics scholarship in 2021 for my academic achievements and professionalism. For my masters thesis, I collaborated to establish an academic / community health partnership, and navigate a lengthy and challenging IRB process. I then produced an innovative dimension reduction and clustering analysis of my sponsor's patient population that identified and characterized patient service groups, including high and low utilizers within the patient population and identified their risk factors. I was able to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders throughout, and present technical material in what they called "an engaging and easy-to-understand" way. Feedback from the sponsor at the end of the collaborative process indicated that they learned important new realities about their patients that would enable them to develop improved interventions for them in the future; interventions that would both reduce their utilization, and improve their health outcomes.


I am looking for a professional opportunity where my broad experience and skills in both technology and the clinical setting are valued by my leaders and mentors. I want to have the opportunity to learn and grow as a data scientist and biostatistician in the health care field, by taking on new technical challenges and collaborating with team members who are seasoned in these roles. I also want the opportunity to work with team members and stakeholders to improve medicine, public health, and/or population and community health for patients and clinical teams. Making a difference in quality, clinical medicine, and/or research are very important to me. Eventually, I would also like to improve my leadership and supportive mentoring capabilities.

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