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Graduate of Batchlor of Engineering in Computer Science. Full Stack Web Developer with Expertise in JavaScript, Python, Java and Proven Experience with MERN Stack and Salesforce | Ex-Cognizant Technology Solutions.


As a seasoned professional, I have accumulated extensive experience utilizing various CRM tools such as, which I further honed during my time as an intern at Cognizant. My expertise, however, extends beyond customer relationship management and includes a diverse range of frontend and backend technologies.

I am adept at working with HTML5, CSS3, BootStraps, Javascript, React.Js, and other JS libraries, in addition to Node.js, Express.js, and API's. As a passionate engineering professional, I am eager to take on innovative projects that challenge me, from the conception stage through to final implementation.

In my quest to remain a well-rounded engineer and effective leader, I prioritize continuous learning and actively seek new experiences to diversify my skills. I am deeply committed to expanding my knowledge base and applying it to the creation of outstanding solutions that exceed clients' expectations.

My diverse range of skills, deep technical expertise, and passion for innovation make me a valuable asset to any team. I am confident that my contributions to any project would be significant and yield exceptional results.

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