Full stack software engineer


I am a Los Angeles-based non-traditional learner and full stack developer/software engineer who values empathy, earnestness, and thoughtfulness in and out of the workplace. I hope to make the world a more equitable and accessible place by bringing a thoughtful, thorough, people-first approach to software and web development.
In 2013, I fell into the sprawling fashion industry in Los Angeles as a customer service rep, and quickly moved onto account management. My genuine desire to help my clients and my work ethic when my passion is tapped quickly led me to move up the ranks as I increased client engagement, retainment, and overall order amounts. Eventually, I reached my most recent position as Sales Director of an independent business. Even though I was happy helping people where I was (and I made it a point to volunteer my summers to serve underprivileged youth in LA from 2007-2018; ask me about that!), I wanted to make MORE unit quantity of impact per unit effort.
I was always interested in the tech industry and tech in general, and I always wanted to somehow transition into tech because I thought the way my brain worked was well suited for engineering and development. The problem is I didnt know how I could pivot without going back to school at least that was the case until I found out about coding bootcamps in 2016. I planned to take a bootcamp and make a full career pivot, because that is how I believed I can meld my two biggest passions: helping people and tech. However, there were always things holding me back; some reason to put my bootcamp plans on hold. Who would take care of my clients as well as I have? How do I take a fully immersive bootcamp and not work for MONTHS without wreaking havoc on my finances? So on, and so forth.
After helping Now N Forever navigate the pandemic, I realized the only real thing stopping me was myself, so I took the plunge in March of 2021, and enrolled in General Assemblys Software Engineering Immersive. I excelled in a classroom setting for the first time in my life, and graduated the course with flying colors. I am exhilarated at the thought of developing (no pun intended, ha) my skills as a software engineer and working hard to build towards a more equitable world. I firmly believe this path is the way I will be able to make the greatest positive impact on the most people possible.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk! Please feel free to reach out if you would like to talk to me about any opportunities for volunteering, work, or just ranting about equity and social justice!


I am looking for a job that will help me further grow my skills as a web/software developer. A culture of diversity, inclusivity, and mentorship is very important to me. I am ready and eager to learn, grow, and thrive, and I need my next job to be able to accommodate all that.

Employment Preferences
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**,000 USD / year


Total Professional Experience

8 years

Startup Experience

8 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

8 years
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