Full Stack Mobile Application Developer


MERN stack developer, experienced in developing mobile application in react-Native framework.,
-Hands-on experience in developing complex mobile applications for both the platform android and iOS for various sectors of industry like healthCare, financial services, e-commerce,
- Expertise in providing white label solutions and maintaining large codebase, and follow industry's best coding practices,
- Hands-on experience in developing and managing ci-cd pipelines for mobile applications in Microsoft appCenter, github actions, aws elastic beanstalks etc
-Beginer in backEnd development in nodejs, ExpressJS


I am looking for more FullStack roles and exposure in different sectors of the industry.
I am react-native developer, I am looking for role in mobile application projects where i can use my existing knowledge and learn more as the project grows

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

*,*00,000 INR / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

2 years

Startup Experience

no experience

Enterprise Experience

2 years
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