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At the end of my junior year, we had to complete a capstone project, which is a 10-week individual project that we present after the 10 weeks are up. The project, named Biomerse, is a website that will allow users to learn about biology in a way they did not before. It allows users to interact with 3D models of different biological models and watch processes in a 3D view. It is a learning tool, so it has third party resources for more information. After that, I had three internships during my senior year. The first two were with Equitable Life and Casualty, where I worked on two different teams. I first internship I was able to complete several company based projects to make their work more efficient. In the second internship, I worked with a team of developers and peer programmed with them. Additionally, I converted their HTML website into a Gatsby project. My third internship, which I just completed, was for Dwelo. I worked under one of their developers and started to convert their angular based project into a react based project using typescript.


I am looking for a company that is agile or are in the process of converting to agile. I would like the company to be open and allow the employees to feel that their ideas are heard. I want there to be a discussion and not that management comes up with the idea and that is what we use. I would like to have a position at a company where they encourage me to grow my skills.

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**,000 USD / year

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1 year

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no experience

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no experience

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no experience
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