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Hi! Im a highly autonomous and driven software engineer with a background in physics, and mathematics. I own project experience across the entire stack of emerging web technologies and specialize in using JavaScript (ES6+), React, and Node to design and build scalable and performant applications.

As an engineer, I care deeply about the nitty gritty details of how things work, which in turn fuels my ambition to learn all that I can about the tools I use (especially JavaScript) and how their respective gears turn under the hood. Furthermore, as an advocate of top-down and first principles reasoning, I have an unappeasable appetite for learning new things and an even deeper and loving devotion to empowering others through sharing with them the knowledge and wisdom Ive acquired. On that note, Ive enjoyed giving a number of community talks and panels such as: "'this' is NOT this", "JS: Under the Hood (Scope, Closures, and Execution Contexts)", and "The Power of Reacts Hooks API"

What I've been building lately: 1) a script that monitors in real-time the collective performance and activity of large numbers of CPUs, 2) a web application for generating 'n' distinct and human-distinguishable colors using a self-engineered algorithm that scales HSL values in sinusoidal patterns as 'n' increases, and 3) a collaborative playlist application utilizing Spotifys public Connect API


I'm looking for an office-based Front-End / Full-Stack / Software Engineering role in the greater Seattle area. The more collaborative, intelligent, and capable the team, the better. Also, opportunities for growth, learning, and even mentorship are important.

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