Front-End engineer / developer


February 2022 - present | Montreal, Canada
React Native mobile engineer & CI/CD manager -
Third Bridge
Task description: Being part of the Circle K development squad to develop their latest
application used for gas payment, gas station promotion tracking and their reward
Technology stack : React.js, TypeScript, MobX, React Native, Sentry, Bitrise

April 2021 - February 2022 | Quebec City, Canada
React Native mobile developer - Hexfit
Task description: Developing the new and refined Hexfit mobile app for 360 personal
trainer client coaching with React Native, TypeScript and Expo.
Technology stack : React.js, TypeScript, Redux, React Native, Expo

October 2020 - april 2021 | Quebec City, Canada
Full stack cloud / web developer - UnicornPowered
Task description: Maintaining Kolortrak, a stock portfolio building and comparison
software for financial advisors with React.js, Redux and Python microservices powered
by AWS Lambda. This job included tasks like adding new frontend features to the
React app, maintaining the Python REST API and writing migration scripts when we
changed stock data provider.
Technology stack: AWS Lambda, CloudFormation, CDK, Cognito, APIGateway,
React.js, Python, TypeScript, Redux

April 2020 - october 2020 | Quebec City, Canada
Full stack web developer - Beet
Task description : Developing interactive web apps with Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Laravel,
MySQL, deploying JAMStack applications on hosting platforms such as Netlify, Laravel
Forge, consuming GraphQL APIs for client side data manipulation.
Technology stack: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Netlify, Laravel Forge, Drupal (legacy project

January 2020 - april 2020 | Quebec City, Canada
Web developer intern - 04h11
Task description : Developing REST APIs with Ruby on Rails, building interactive web
app interfaces with React.js and D3.js. Maintaining development / deployment
environments with Docker, integratings SQL database schemas for REST APIs.
Technology stack : React, Ruby on Rails, Docker, MySQL, Oracle Database SQL,

June 2019 - August 2019 | Quebec City, Canada
Front end developer intern - Dexero
Task description: Resolving problems, developing interactive complex web app
interfaces with React.js, consuming REST APIs on the client side.
Technology stack: React.js, Redux

May 2018 - July 2018 | Quebec City, Canada
Front end developer intern - Amiral Web Agency
Task description: Fixing frontend customer bug reports with HTML5 and CSS3,
integrating web application interfaces for clients such as small and medium sized
businesses and cities, developing secure frontend web forms with jQuery.
Technology stack: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript / JQuery, PHP (CakePHP)

January 2018 - january 2020 | Quebec City, Canada
Sales representative - TELUS

2017 - 2020
Techniques dintégration multimédia
Cégep de Sainte-Foy

Main skills
- Building complex and dynamic web/mobile applications using frameworks/tools
such as React, React Native, Vue.js, Laravel, Ruby on Rails or Node.js.
- Working in teams in order to build quality digital products while also respecting
time constraints.
- Self learner: love learning new technologies, tools and workflows to expand my
- Transparent, respectful communicator that loves healthy discussions to get work

Known technologies
- JavaScript / TypeScript / Node
- Python
- Laravel
- React (Gatsby, Next.js, Redux)
- React Native
- MySQL / Oracle / Firebase
- Vue.js (Nuxt.js, Vuex)
- AWS Lambda
- HTML 5
- Express.js
- Fastify.js (basic knowledge / interest)
- Flask (basic knowledge / interest)
- Django (basic knowledge / interest)
- Redis (basic knowledge)
- MongoDB (basic knowledge / interest)
- Svelte (basic knowledge / interest)
- Nest.js (basic knowledge / interest)
- C# .NET Core (basic knowledge / interest)
- Jest
- CSS3
- SASS (scss)
- Bootstrap

Management tools
- Git - Github / GitLab / BitBucket
- Azure Devops
- Bitrise
- NPM / Yarn
- Composer
- Pip
- Docker
- Gulp
- Webpack


I'm looking for an intermediate front-end/full-stack developer opportunity where I can work with a team of motivated, knowledgeable people. I thrive in new challenges, finding optimal solutions to complex user problems and working as a team to deliver a top-tier quality product. Having the opportunity to challenge each other's ideas is key and something I value geatly.

My top technologies :
- Javascript/Typescript
- React/React Native
- Vue.js
- Git
- Node.js

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 CAD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

5 years

Startup Experience

5 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

5 years
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