Front-End Developer


Pharmacy Tech with over 9 years of experience looking to make a transition into software development. Front-end development leaning but would love to learn about all stages of development.
Education - Associates in Simulation and Game Design and a certificate from a Full-Stack Bootcamp.
I'm experienced in React, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, Node, MongoDb, and MySQL. There the technologies I'm most familiar with and am looking to improve further but am open and excited about expanding my skillset further.
I've achieved several promotions because I'm always seeking responsibility, have high personal-accountability, am an avid believer in informed, constant, and effective communication, am eager to help others and perform as a team-player, and exhibit a passion not only for fulfilling my responsibilities to the best of my ability but constantly seeking ways to innovate and improve daily operations in ways that contribute to the entire team.


Culture isn't something I place a lot of importance on. If there's anything I've learned working in retail in customer service for 15 years, it's that you can find common ground, respect, and relatability with people from all backgrounds. It boils down to the desire to work as a team, to have passion for the job that you do regardless of the job itself, and to have empathy.
As I'm pursuing my first professional development role, my only expectations are:
1.) Understanding and patience. I'm looking for an environment that fosters growth and provides feedback that helps facilitate that growth.
2.) Trust that despite my inexperience in a professional setting deeming me as a risk, I am confident in my ability to work hard, learn quickly, and am steadfast on succeeding.
3.) Respect. I value inclusion and empathy. I expect an environment that values diversity and believes that every employee's voice deserves to be heard, no matter their title, socio-economic or ethnic background, gender, or sexual orientation.

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