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As a burgeoning and enthusiastic web developer, I delight in building visually aesthetic, responsive and accessible websites that satisfy clients and consumers alike. Drawing from my many years of professional experience in the fields of education, customer service, marketing and design, I have a proven history of strong ethics, professionalism, adaptability and results. Together with my skills in html, CSS, Javascript, responsive web design, SEO optimization and more, I trust that I can be a great asset to your current and future projects. I am very excited to work with you to help your vision come to life!

Be sure to check out my professional portfolio to see my projects in action:

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I'm excited to bring the diverse and unique set skills I've gained in my previous roles as a Lead primary teacher for grades 1-8, coding instructor for elementary students in Toronto, software development and testing for Ubisoft, professional gymnast and acrobat at Norwegian Cruise Lines and national level gymnastics coach at the Canadian National Training Centre.

Specific skills for roles I'm seeking in web and software development:
Experience with JavaScript, CSS and jQuery
Familiarity with browser testing and debugging
In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment)
Understanding of layout aesthetics
Knowledge of SEO principles
An ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment
Excellent analytical and multitasking skills

Top Skills:
JavaScript · Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) · HTML5 · Problem Solving · Communication

Let's work together! I am available for full-time work.
Hire me and get your project done.


Potential responsibilities:
-Use markup languages like HTML to create user-friendly web pages
-Maintain and improve website
-Optimize applications for maximum speed
-Design mobile-based features
-Collaborate with back-end developers and web designers to improve usability
-Get feedback from, and build solutions for, users and customers
-Write functional requirement documents and guides
-Create quality mockups and prototypes
-Help back-end developers with coding and troubleshooting
-Ensure high quality graphic standards and brand consistency
-Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies

-Developing, coding, installing, and maintaining software systems.
-Meeting with development managers to discuss the scope of software projects.
-Analyzing existing programs for modification purposes.
-Researching and designing new software systems, websites, programs, and applications.
-Writing and implementing, clean, scalable code.
-Troubleshooting and debugging code.
-Verifying and deploying software systems.
-Evaluating user feedback.
-Recommending and executing program improvements.
-Maintaining software code and security systems.
-Creating technical documents and training staff.

Developers form a key part of the IT team and may be required to modify existing software products or develop entirely new resources.

Expectations of the organization or agency:
-Agency takes ownership
-You work with competent, business-oriented people
-Agency behaves like a partner, not just service provider
-Agency has a growth mindset
-The team has a pragmatic approach
-They are team-players
-A 5-star development team experience

Work environment components:
-Effective communication
-Training and development programs
-Good work-life balance
-Reward and recognition programs
-Quality leadership
-Fosters creativity and growth
-Shared vision
-A good working environment has a vision that aligns with employee's career aspirations
-Healthy and clean physical workspace
-remote work, hybrid or flex hours

Benefits and perks:
-commuting reimbursement
-tuition reimbursement
-health insurance
-employee discounts
-paid vacation
-education support for employees' children
-access to amenities such as gym and wellness centres
-paid time off
-dental insurance
-retirement savings plan
-life insurance
-paid parental leave

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 CAD

Expected Hourly Rate

** CAD/hr

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

3 years

Startup Experience

no experience

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

no experience
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