Freelance Software Developer & Concept Artist


Part of a 5 people team as a Programmer and Developer. Created with said team :
A java program that can simulate the view of a periscope, a submarine camera, using both animated and static images in both .jpeg and v210 format, in order to simulate a periscope.
A unity program to simulate the testing of the periscopes in a realistic, virtual environment that is generated in-engine to simulate the real properties of given periscopes.
A .json input system for both that would take the information submitted through it, this information is the specifics of the cameras used in the periscope, and implement it in the programs to test them out against both given images, the java, and virtual environments, the unity.


I am specifically looking for a job with training opportunities and no contracts. Because of Issues with Covid-19, I am looking for a remote job opportunity and one with advancement opportunities.

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**,000 USD

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** USD/hr

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2 years

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1 year

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no experience

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