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Engineered Products Manager - Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd.
May 2017 - Nov 2021.
Captained the unique $1.5 million P2W Highway project to design, build, ContactContact& deliver drainage and box culvert wall panels to steer the company towards unchartered waters.
Extracted technical and commercial testimonies from the wider business for the Central Interceptor jacking pipe project to present a $15 million tender proposal.
Directed the tight & successful $1 million project delivery for the design and build of the box chambers for the Takanini Stormwater Conveyance project.
Orchestrated and harmonized the design and manufacture for the $8 million Hunua Views precast rain garden surround project to guarantee the client million-dollar installation savings.
Piloted marine & transmission standard workshops and trainings for the internal sales team to offer a 30% increase in quoting efficiency.
Unified the wider part of the business every fortnight to deliberate in special precast project meetings and elevate team coherency and productivity by at least 20%.
Adopted Microsoft Excel to showcase gantt charts for various large-scale projects to pinpoint accuracies within 85% for budgeting, scheduling, and planning purposes.
Promoted process efficiencies by 30% by investigating alternative suppliers and implementing new process methodologies to eliminate procurement bottlenecks.
Articulated an excellent proposal for the work safe lifting guidelines to the executive team, which slashed work accidents by 25%.
Perpetually translated all projects civil engineering drawings and documentations to skyrocket team quoting accuracy by 50%.
Design Engineer - Anglo Engineering.
Jan 2016 - May 2017.
Utilized CNC programming and CAD to deliver succinct verbal and written communication with the manufacturing team to deliver a 50% capacity spike.
Utilized CAD to sharpen designs and manufacturing procedures for a diverse range of sheet metal products to resuscitate up to 40% of their costs.
Integrated the design and manufacturing for the RTD LED signs project, which rewarded the company 50% in margin for a $200k project.
Utilized CAD to design welding rigs and procedures to ensure successful completion of $100k earthquake battery stand and electrical cabinet projects.
Administered continuous process improvement tactics for large scale products to progress cost savings of up to 60%.
Impeccable customer relations and technical support brought 60% of new clients back for more work, and ruled 70% of all clients leaving positive feedback.
Forged the new factory floor plan layout utilizing lean principles to optimize flow, minimize waste and boost productivity by an estimated 80%.
Shepherded the new design engineer with all working procedures and lean methods, while advocating working competency.
Estimator/Project Coordinator. Cascadia Sport Systems.
Feb 2020 - June 2020.
Collaborating with the wider team to coordinate request for equals & information, interpret architectural drawings & specifications, to deliver $600k bid proposal for the Big River High School project.
Sky rocketed estimating efficiencies by 50% by managing half of all bid tenders - totalling up to $1 million.


I'm looking for an Engineer In Training role, so I can work toward my P.Eng license within EGBC. I'm wanting to work in an engineering consultancy, with a big company, with many engineering disciplines. I'm wanting to work in a company with a variety of interesting projects.

Employment Preferences
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**,000 CAD

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

4 years
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