Embedded Software Engineer


Embedded C, Embedded Systems
Many Projects:
o Security system of a city based on Micro-controller, Sensors and LCD, 2019.
o Stopwatch based on ATMEGA16 microcontroller and multiplexed 7-segments connected to microcontroller, using 3 buttons for stop, resume and reset
Drivers Designed and Implemented for project: Timer, External Interrupts
o Simple calculator on ATMEGA16 microcontroller, 4*4 Keypad and 2*16 LCD, that makes addition, subtraction, multiplication and reminder calculations on numbers more than one digit,2020.
Drivers Designed and Implemented for project: Keypad, LCD.
o Password Based Security Door Lock on 2 ATMEGA16 microcontrollers, one "HMI" for user interfacing using LCD and Keypad and the other "Controller" for storing data in the external M24C16 EEPROM controlling the DC motor and
Buzzer which is used for alarm,2020.
Drivers Designed and Implemented for project: Keypad, LCD, Timer, UART,
I2C, External EEPROM.


I would prefer to work in an automotive company. But, there is no problem if it is another type. It should only be in the Embedded Systems field.

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**,000 USD / year

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