Embedded Software Engineer


In my most recent role as a Hardware Engineer under the PTE Advanced Diagnostics Team, I
- Improved Tessent ATPG Diagnostics quality on advanced technology nodes 5nm, 4nm and beyond.
- Analyzed Failure Analysis result with Yield Explorer and Avalon CAD Navigation to explore anomaly.
- Accelerated yield learning for high-volume chip manufacturing by improving diagnostics resolution.
- Automated diagnostics improvement plan using Python, resulting in $400k/year of savings
- Wrote Perl scripts in Avalon CAD Navigation to facilitate data sharing between different departments.
- Developed a data pipeline to automatically ingest diagnostics and failure analysis data across multiple data sources, generating more than 10,000 historic failure analysis data.
- Maintained ETL for real-time and interactive data views that models result for yield analyst.
- Worked closely with multiple third-party vendors to improve user-experience in software product.

I am proficient in C/C++, Python, Perl, and VHDL. I have written multithreaded C code to process
real-time audio signal on a TI EzDSP board. During my undergraduate research, I implemented
an object detection algorithm through a machine learning based approach using Python. Using
MIPI camera on a Raspberry Pi, it was able to stream and process video stream in real-time. In
addition, I am experienced in writing VHDL code on FPGAs (Nexys Video, Altera DE10, TI EzDSP)
boards, where I have developed projects including traffic light system, a keyboard keylogger,
oscilloscope controller, and function generator. I am also proficient in circuit design and VLSI. As
a senior project, I designed a 4-bit ALU chip that was able to perform 4 logic functions and 3 math
functions using Cadenc


Looking for entry/junior level positions in fields related to semiconductors, embedded systems, software engineering, and data science.

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