Embedded Software Engineer


Computer Engineering Student and I'm able to work remotely part-time or full time I did many several projects with c and with AVR MCUs and ARM-based MCUs like TIVA-C and here are some of my basic projects:
Automotive door control system design:
Applied Static design analysis.
Applied Dynamic design analysis.
RTOS EDF Scheduler using Keil:
Implemented an EDF scheduler using FreeRTOS.
Initiated 4 tasks using the EDF scheduler.
Verifying the system implementation.
Controlled blinking LED for user-defined ON and OFF periods using ARM Arch with Tiva-C board using Keil:
Applied layered architecture to include MCAL, HAL, SERVICE, APPLICATION, and
Used the GPIO driver, Timer driver, and interrupt driver.
On-demand Traffic light control Using Atmega32 using Microchip Studio:
Used the Timer module and External interrupt, making it faster and more efficient.
Written a Skeleton for each function.
Single Cycle and Pipelined 16-bit MIPS-like processor:
Built using Logisim simulator to model and test the processor.
32 instructions.
Payment Application in C using VSCode:
Applied SOLID principles to implement the project, making it easier to edit or update.
Integration testing of the modules.
Used file system as a database.
Distance Measuring:
Using an Ultrasonic sensor and PIC16f877a using MPLAB IDE


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