Drilling Analyst | Wellsite Geologist


Well Operations Analyst | Drilling Analyst, 1/2019 - 4/2020
Analyzed drilling operations for Chevron rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico and highlighted invisible lost time (ILT) to the client through detailed daily deliverable using Techlog and PTK (Perform toolkit) software. The deliverables ranged from daily time logs to multipage drilling reports covering drilling efficiency as well as performance benchmarking using industry standards KPI metrics.
Ran KPIs on all tripping and drilling operations, this helped on optimizing tripping and drilling time compared to a targets/ Benchmarks set by the client, saved cost by eliminating ILT.
Generated multi-well comparison plots using offset wells with targeted drilling parameters, this helped the client to understand the relationship between parameters (Surface and Downhole), optimized and increased the rate of penetration performance that led to save cost on the project.
Monitored and highlighted different type of vibrations (Axial, torsional), Stick slip severity, this helped to mitigate the hazard associated with drilling HPHT wells and protect costly downhole equipment.
Used zonation technic to compare and optimize operations such as cement jobs, casing, liner and completion runs. The generated work helped to keep the client in the top quartile of performance when compared to peers in the Gulf of Mexico.
Drilling Data Analyst | Unit Supervisor |Mentor and Assessor, 1/2011 - 1/2019
Operated the Mud logging unit in many drilling projects/ campaigns from start to finish for different clients (ConocoPhillips, BP, Murphy oil, HESS), coordinated many rig up operations, set up the mudlogging unit and the acquisition system, tested and calibrated sensors and gas equipment.
Supervised and managed teams of up to 10 employees, planned schedules and crew changes for personnel traveling to offshore rigs or home. Booked transportations as well. Ensured personnel adherence to the strict HSE requirement in the rig site.
Attended daily meeting with client to discuss drilling operations status and progress, the unit working order and performance, acquisition system, sensors and equipment status. Got excellent client feedback on the job delivered by the mudlogging teams.
Mentored, trained and assessed junior drilling data analysts, mud loggers and sample catchers, that helped to increase the quality of the job provided by the team and the quality of the daily deliverables.
Monitored drilling operations in real time, communicated all abnormal drilling parameters behavior accurately and in timely manner, this helped the client to drill the wells safely and mitigate drilling hazard before occurrence and prevent costly well integrity issues.
Calibrated all sensors and gas equipment prior drilling a new section on daily and weekly basis, this enhanced the generation of excellent data quality, consequently helped a better and fast decision making for the client.
Created and tested WITS and WITSML data transfers protocols with different contractors in the Well site and with the remote operations centers for drilling, Fracking, completion or coil tubing operations, this refined the well real time monitoring and helped to keep the well under control and as a result achieved the projects goals in timely manner.
Responded quickly and efficiently to client request regarding the generation of different logs and data while drilling, this helped to gain more insight and save time while making critical decisions, reduced the general cost of the project.
Prepared final well deliverables, expedited to the client and BSEE in timely manner. The job delivered resulted in an excellent client satisfaction reviews that exceeded 95% with an exceeded expectation for most of the projects.
Awarded Schlumberger Presidents Award in recognition to the outstanding contribution to the company culture of excellence.

Mud logger Geologist | Junior Drilling Data Analyst, Hassi Masoud, Algeria, 12/2005 - 12/2010
Monitored well and drilling operations continuously to prevent any well integrity issues, helped senior data analyst in preparing logs and end of well report.
Collected cutting, ensured accurate description and packaging. Helped the wellsite geologist on coring operations, shipments, handling and analysis.
Performed gas equipment/ sensors daily and weekly preventative maintenance, this ensured high quality data acquisition for the client and this helped to succeed to deliver and exceeded client expectations.


An open environment that allows me to use the skills acquired previously in my career, opportunity to contribute learn and grow, a good remuneration and good work life balance, flexibility, challenge and excitement.

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**,000 USD / year

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15 years
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