Director of Learning and Development


I am a resourceful professional with a proven track record of designing and implementing effective learning strategies to enhance organizational performance and employee development in rapidly evolving business landscape. I have worked in Fintech, HR Tech, and Financial Services.

I am considered a Strategic thinker with excellent leadership skills in training global teams and fostering culture of continuous learning by implementing innovative training programs, employee development frameworks, and learning management systems. I am adept at analyzing L&D trends, conducting needs assessments, identifying skill gaps, developing targeted learning solutions, and enabling digital/virtual learning through LMS/virtual platforms. Demonstrated expertise in maximizing knowledge retention and skill acquisition by focusing on e-learning technologies, course creation/delivery, and talent management practices. I am also an accomplished public speaker with analytical mindset to direct multiple projects, manage training budgets, and communicate complex concepts to optimize cost-effective training delivery. I am proficient in collaborating with key stakeholders to define career development opportunities and expectations. I am a seasoned facilitator and am able to handle small and large groups alike. My most recent experience is in the tech space; however, my skills are transferrable to multiple industries.


My expectations would be to work in an environment in which I can make contributions to the team and the success of the company, receive appreciation for my contributions, have job stability and the ability to grow and learn.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**5,000 USD


Total Professional Experience

25 years
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