DICOM GPU Deep Learning OpenCV software Engineer


Expert software engineer with experience programming multi-threaded Windows
XP/XPe/Windows 7,8,10 and Linux applications. I have used
WPF/WCF/C#/C++/CLI .Net 3.x, 4.x, Win32 API, MFC, ADO, OpenGL, DirectX,
wxWindows and Linux. I am familiar with most of the Microsoft Foundation Classes
associated with Visual C++ version 2008,2010,2017 , and STL and BOOST. Proficient
or expert utilizing image processing algorithms, including kernel convolutions, the use of
LUTs, JPEG 2000, OpenCV, 3D transformations, SIFT, and SURF. That coupled with
my knowledge of real time video capture should make it very easy to quickly accomplish
any task you wish of me. I have written and maintained several user level applications to
provide complex information in an understandable and efficient fashion, along with
necessary documentation on the operation, and limitations of the application. I am very
conversant with several different database engines including Microsoft Access,
Firebird/Interbase, and MySQL. I have utilized multi-processes Python for the last 12
years for scripting, OpenCV work, as well as creating cross platform GUIs. Ever since
Tensorflow was open sourced by google, I have implemented from articles facial
recognition, style transfer, inpainting, and denoising using convolutional neural networks
While I consider myself an Expert Windows software engineer, creating applications,
DLL's, and drivers at all levels. I would consider myself an intermediate to advanced
Linux developer, since I have created applications at the user level, and one driver for


Image processing, medical imaging , Deep Learning
I am a very visual individual who enjoys developing actionable intelligence from data, images, obtained from many different sources.
I have 27 years of experience with embedded and desktop application development in both Windows and Linux
I have over 8 years programming multi-process python in the cloud, and on the desktop
I also have 12 years of experience with DICOM, using proprietary and open source toolkits, DCMTK, PyDICOM and others
My greated achievement is developing demosaic software using the GPU back in 2020 for an illunis camera

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**0,000 USD

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Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

27 years

Startup Experience

3 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

12 years
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