DevOps Engineer


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. BSc Information Technology is an undergraduate science course of 3 years dealing with software, databases, and networking designed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge on storing, processing and managing information securely.


I started my career at a startup based company as a Linux system administrator, where I worked on 2 types of servers Webmail Servers, WebServers
In webmail servers, I worked on 2 types of Mail transfer agents (MTA), Zimbra, Postfix & Dovcott. My daily responsibilities for mail servers are taking backups, configuring MTAs, and migrating mailboxes using IMAP sync.
For web servers, I worked on Apache and Nginx. Configuration and troubleshooting were part of my webserver work. set up projects with a load balancer. PM2 is where I hosted Nodejs Projects. I was responsible for monitoring, hardening, and patching.
About Cloud Part, I created multiple ec2 as per client requirements in different regions. I attached block & s3 storage to ec2. I allocated Elastic IP to all ec2. I created an IAM role Policy in AWS.
I have a good understanding of Git

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**0,000 INR / year

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**0 INR

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

2 years

Startup Experience

2 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

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2 years
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