DevOps Engineer


I am a passionate DevOps Engineer and I love to solve problems and become restless as long as I am not able to solve or figure out something. I am on a life-long journey to learn and implement new technologies and I am always curious as to how "magic" happens.

I have professional experience with GCP, Terraform, Bash Scripting, Kubernetes, Docker, CircleCI, Jenkins, git, and Github. I have also worked with AWS, Ansible, Packer, Node.js, JS, Python, and Go. I occasionally write blog posts on Medium and solve problems on Hackerrank. At the moment, I am pursuing Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree at Udacity.


I am looking to work with a team of amazing developers in an agile way, who communicate well and are ready to take ownership of the product.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD

Expected Hourly Rate

** USD/hr


Total Professional Experience

2 years

Startup Experience

2 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

no experience
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