Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer


I am a graduate student pursuing Masters in Computer Science with a concentration in Machine Learning from Rutgers University, New Jersey while also acting as a Teaching Assistant for two Computer Science courses - Data 101 and Database Systems for Data Science. My technical skills include Python, SQL, Java, R, Javascript Data Analysis, PySpark, AWS, Pytorch, NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, seaborn, NLTK, OpenCV, Microsoft Office, and Android Development
My Machine Learning journey started 3 years ago when I interned at Fractal Analytics, a Mumbai based ML company. Hired as a data annotator, I went beyond my JD, learnt about CNNs and built an image segmentation model for their consumer product analysis project which was incorporated into the system delivered to the client. From there on, I did a few personal projects on data analysis, published a research paper on one of those projects, dabbled in NLP in my final year, published a research paper on that and built an end-to-end data-powered product that builds fantasy soccer teams for Fantasy Premier League that score in the top 2% of all teams.
I am currently working as a Data Science Intern at Eluvio, a blockchain startup in California. On the side, I write technical articles on Medium and have garnered 25,000+ views till date. Previously, I have also worked full-time as a Business Analyst at Quantiphi, an AI / ML services company for ~1 year. In that role, I used my soft skills to lead presentations for 10 clients in the US Public Sector and Education industry and led the initiative and development of a repository to track advancements in the AI industry. This was leveraged by the founders as well.
I always keep reading about the industry to try and stay ahead of the curve. Going forward, I intend to use my technical expertise and business-side experience enhanced with the help of my masters coursework to develop an all-round picture of explainable AI in a particular industry and share it through my blog on Medium.


I am looking for a full time opportunity starting June 2023 in the data science or machine learning domain. I would prefer a role closely aligned to a data scientist or a machine learning engineer at an established organization or a startup wherein preferably the project involves end-to-end development of a particular use case or solution

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**,000 USD / year

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1 year

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1 year

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no experience

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1 year
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