Data Scientist


I always dreamt of being a part of the technology that can make things better and easy for the world.
This was the reason I transitioned towards Data Science. I strong feel that Data Science can help us achieve things which were difficult for human to achieve alone.
I started my career in this field with learning and implementing Python codes and Machine Learning algorithms. I pursued courses on MOOC platforms like Coursera and Udemy. I learnt fundamental concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Professors like Andrew NG helped me to get an in-depth knowledge of the fields. I also read Medium and Towards Data Science publication which has great data science articles.
I tried my hands on practical problems and did some projects. To mention few, I did a project for a reputed Finance Company to help them build a primitive stage OCR model. Also, I did Object Detection projects, predictions using Machine Learning and Pdf Text Extraction. I'm continuously learning and trying to grow myself in these fields.


I am looking for positions that will help me to learn and implement skills which will not only help me to grow but also benefit the company and their service.

Employment Preferences
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**0,000 INR / year

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**5 INR

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