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It has been over a year since I graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science and already I have achieved many things of which I am proud. I completed my schooling at the beginning of the pandemic, and though many companies were hesitant to hire in those first few months, I worked tirelessly to market my skills to potential employers and clients and quickly began performing a multitude of contractual freelance work. The high remarks I received from the work I performed led me to being directly hired by my current employer as a Data Science Consultant. I love my current employer and my job, but I am interested in seeing what else is out there in the field as I look to grow and utilize my skills more fully.
I have a multitude of programming languages and computer science skills under my belt, but I am also able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently. Some languages, skills, and concepts with which I am confident and comfortable using include: Oracle SQL, Tableau, Advanced Excel, Data Visualization, Python (Pandas, Numpy, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, SciPy, spaCy, Tensorflow), MongoDB, Machine Learning, Time Series, NLP, Statistical Modeling, Jupyter, Scala, Google Cloud Platform, HTML5, and Data Structure. I am also bilingual. I have native-level fluency in both Chinese and English, and I am working to learn Korean as well.
While working as a data science consultant, I am actively consulting a number of companies across a myriad of industries, some of my regularly performed activities have included:
- Reconciling and processing dirty data in python for the purpose of executing and testing ETL functionality.
- On a daily basis, I have used SQL to pull and analyze revenue data from a Snowflake database in order to generate reports and ensure the accuracy of the companys national Tableau dashboard.
- Contributing to building client presentations by way of submitting various exploratory data analyses.
- I streamlined reporting of KPI volume change statistics for directors and managers of the nationwide sales force by modifying and cross-validating a Tableau dashboard with data collected from SQL databases, sales team members, and CRM tools.
- I have been the sole operator of a company's data helpdesk, working directly with technical and non-technical employees and third-parties to troubleshoot, identify, and correct anomalies found within the companys gospotcheck, its databases, and Tableau dashboards.
While working with an up and coming twitch streamer I have:
- Increased daily new viewers of the streamer's web content by no less than 20% every two weeks over the course of six months by using NLP to analyze video titles to identify and build a lexicon of positively associated words.
- Developed automated scripts to scrape data from social media websites with their various APIs.
- Initialized data pipelines for scraped data and utilized python to clean, transform, and consolidate data from multiple sources into a uniformed format.
- Made recommendations for new strategies based on exploratory data analysis of the streaming habits of other successful streamers.
I live in Seattle, WA, and while this city has been an amazing avenue of growth for me this past decade, I am willing to consider relocating for the right opportunity. At my core, I am a lover of food, through and through, and going to someplace new will only bring new experiences to my taste buds, so I am very excited at the potential of traveling to you for work.


I am looking to work in a tech-savvy and fast-paced environment that is built on strong values. I love finding novel solutions and satisfying my curiosity. I would love to work with a team that emphasizes friendly competition and collaboration in order to complete aggressive goals and to nurture personal and professional development of team members. I am able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently, so I love a good curve ball every once in a while.

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