Data Scientist


I have finished my PhD in Mathematics. My research, mathematics and coding experiences along with my educational background will make me a valuable addition and I am confident to make substantial contributions to any related position.
I am a mathematician skilled in algebra, numbers and programming; during my PhD work, I have developed advanced conceptual and problem-solving skills to resolve complex issues. I am not only experienced in forming theories but also to support and anlyse them by algorithms and coding. During my tertiary study I have learned about different mathematical theories and units related to statitstics and mathematical coding and analysis.
I have always been a numbers person, with exceptional mathematics and computer skills. My skill is strengthened by the releveant courses I have complted. During my tertiary studies I have completed courses like Linear Algebra, Advanced Linear Algebra, Logic, Modal Logic, Algorithms, Automata, Advanced Algebra, Numerical Anlysis etc. I have experience of coding using matrix calculations in Matlab; specially I have done fractal programming and image compressions using Matlab. I have also learned and applied object-oriented programming in Python. In addition, I am capable of working in MATLAB, Mathematica, C, Python, R, Octave etc. I am efficient in learning new programming languages and develop my own algorithm.
As much as I am into data manipulation, its the analysis of data that really gets me going. I like to explore the relationships between numbers, and translate digits and spreadsheets into stories. Apart from my masters and doctoral education, I took personal time to learn topics related to data alanysis and machine learning via online certificate courses. I gained experience in problem solving techniques during my PhD. During my PhD I have learned how to search and gather information, how to process them to analyse and then produce results out of it. My PhD project was based on algebra and its computational aspects. I developed programmes and used them in different examples.
On a personal level, I am detail-oriented, organised, and precise in my work. I am capable of meeting strict deadlines which is examplified by my PhD work. Apart from research, I also worked as a Teaching Associate and Diploma Teacher in several mathematical courses where I was obliged to maintain deadlines in taking classes, marking copies, helping students etc. During my teaching I gained the experience of dealing with students of different caultural and intelligence backgrounds. This made me a better person to manage many studnets of different need at the same time. My planning and organisation skills developed over the time during my doctoral study. During my PhD I passed four milestones in time. I am flexible with work timings and will be more than happy to work outside usual business hours if needed.
I have strong communication skills with a knack for clear and illuminating presentation. Along the journey of my PhD, I have skilled in writing reports for essential finding and the key results from my analysis are written in a professional manner. I have mastered the ability to effectively communicate complex ideas, both verbally and in writing, through a combination of conference talks and written publications. As a Teaching Associate, I have received positive feedback from the students throughout my teaching activity. I also received a congratulatory letter on outstanding unit evaluation result for teaching. I have attended many conferences over the past years presenting my research. I have produced three major written publications with another two publications currently in preparation.
During my PhD, I got the opportunity to visit many academics and institutions which added a good amount of collaborative research experience. These visits helped me to build network and trust in a team for effective collaborative results. My academic visits also provided me with the ability to work in a new environment without compromising in the quality of the results.


1. Teamwork:
Like the success of a project, success and enrichment of a person also relies on solid communication within a team. I am looking to join a team which is cohesive and well co-ordinated where I will be giving and getting constructive feedback.
2. Culture of sharing knowledge
I believe a successful project begins and ends with open, healthy and productive relationships between the right people and the right departments. I will be expecting a culture of collaboration, meetings must benefit all, and involve everyone providing chance for key stakeholders to share knowledge rather than for a leader to simply dictate.

Employment Preferences
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**,000 AUD / year

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Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

4 years

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no experience

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