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Dear Hiring Manager,
I am an experienced data scientist and a graduate researcher with a history of working in the data science industry, educational and software engineering industry. Skilled in data science,data analytics, python, machine learning,sql, software development. Strong research professional with a MS focused in Data Science, analytics and Machine Learning from University at Buffalo and more than 2 years of work experience.
As a data scientist at DMI :
I am currently working as a data scientist at DMI. With my current job, I deal with clients from different domains such as retail, health, financial etc., who need data scientists to bring value to their business strategy. I would be honest, before this job I mainly had research experience in data science field but after joining, I gained more practical real world experience of data science and its methods. Finding out important insights from not so perfect data has become one of my most favorite things to do because I not only learn the technical side of data science but the business side too. I believe that a decent data scientist should have both technical and domain knowledge. One is just not enough. Also, one should love data in all its forms especially when it doesnt make any sense because its then when we as data scientists try to find some sense out of the data.
As a graduate research assistant at the Research Foundation for SUNY :
My experience as a graduate research assistant was at the Jacobs School of Medical and Biomedical Sciences- The Research Foundation for SUNY gave me an opportunity to collaborate with the computer science PHD students, bio-statisticians and doctors to identify the gut microbiomes responsible for IBD/Crohns Disease and their effects on individuals from different geographies. I built models to analyze and predict the same from OTU Data.
As a software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services:
As a fresher when one join a company, they face a lot of challenges and my case was nothing different. I faced challenges too. I evolved both as an individual and a professional. As an individual, I learned how to keep my calm and complement others thoughts and ideas even when I am not on the same page as they are. Now, I find myself more confident in handling situations when the road gets bumpier. As a professional, I learned good leadership qualities, time management, and primarily, how to efficiently co-exist and deal with people of many creed, cultures and work ethics. In addition, the fact that I hail from India- a country renowned for its cultural diversity, makes me a desirable candidate for contributing to
the social and cultural diversity within the organization.
I am actively looking for full time data-science and analyst positions starting immediately. I won't say I am a data science and analytics expert but I am, for sure, a data science and analytics lover. For me, data analysis is not just about crunching numbers but a form of communication because that's how I communicate with my clients in my current job- through data insights and the business value they bring to the table. That being said, if given the opportunity, I am not gonna disappoint.
P.S: Sorry for a long cover letter! Thank You. :)
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I am looking for entry level or junior data scientist roles.

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