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Currently, I am pursuing Masters's in Data Analytics Engineering at Northeastern University with an area of focus on learning the advanced tool and technologies to explore the statistical, predictive, descriptive, and analytical potential of data.

Before this, I was a Business Intelligence Developer at Accenture, India for 4 years. Therein, I was responsible for talking to the customers to understand their business needs, creating data pipelines which included building data warehouses, reports, KPIs dashboards, and ETL packages, and delivering the solutions to the operations division of the Finance and accounting process. This tenure was full of learning and made me build the strong foundation required to advance in my career. I grabbed every opportunity to work in a diverse domain, I got to lead the project, and be a tech and functional architect, developer, manager, etc at times. I was recognized as a Tech Star of our project for bringing innovation, new trends, and technology to the team and delivering appreciative customer experiences.
My work was only to explore the data to identify the actionable areas and relevant KPIs. That is when I decided that need to step up in my career to deep dive into supporting informed decision-making.

Apart from this, I also like to indulge myself in the community and was awarded ACE Big Heart Award for that,

Going forward, I aspire to become a data professional who would have the understanding and knowledge of all the data-based approaches to be able to come up with multiple solutions to a problem and decide the optimized and the best solution.

In the upcoming semester, I aim to grow in machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced data management systems. In the end, I want to be a proficient and confident data professional to empower an organization to grow and adapt data-based approaches and foresee with the highest precision, accuracy, and performance.


I am seeking opportunities to apply acquired data mining, exploration, wrangling, analysis, and visualization skillsets to identify business problems, find insights, and empower organizations with the power of data-driven decision-making. Using this could advance my career and knowledge of Data Analysis by learning and implementing the techniques of data mining - cluster analysis, text analysis, time series forecasting, and using R and Python to perform the data operations.

I will bring an innovative mindset and extend the best of my services to the people by employing my statistical and analytical, research-oriented skillsets. The role will give me an exciting platform to learn from and collaborate with an extensive team of experts, problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and data enthusiasts by providing robust, unique, and efficient solutions.

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