Data Analyst


Hi, I am a Data Analyst. I love to analyze data and through these to be able to provide help in decision making.
I'm passionate to programming and I use the R language to perform my analyses.
The Internet offers unlimited possibilities for those who take them. I have been fortunate to meet wonderful people who have guided me and helped me improve professionally day by day.
I consider myself a very meticulous, orderly, and detailed person. I hate doing things halfway, it's not for me.
I enjoy working in a team and being able to communicate well with my team thanks to it.
I am excited and passionate about video games. I played the various versions of counter-strike for many years and I even had the opportunity to compete in this discipline. Thanks to this, I met amazing people who have taught me skills that have helped me to be who I am today. Last but not least, thanks to this experience I was able to discover my passion for data, and that eventually led me to become a Data Analyst.
Programming Languages:
- R
- Python
- T-Test
- Chi Square
- Correlation
- Linear Regression
Data Visualization:
- Highcharter
- ggplot2
- plotly
Data Manipulation and Wrangling:
- dplyr
- tidyr
- Excel
Business Intelligence:
- Shiny
- Tableau


- A friendly team: I really like to interact with people and a friendly environment is the beginning for it to happen.
- Patience and respect: I will not always master the technologies that the company uses.
- Desire to grow: I would like to be able to learn and perfect my skills.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 EUR / year

Expected Hourly Rate

** EUR

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

6 years

Startup Experience

no experience

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

3 years
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