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I have over 30 years software development experience across multiple organisations in both the UK and New Zealand. The majority of my roles have been with financial organisations dealing with stock exchange or share dealing data. I am capable of working with both front-end technologies such as websites and desktop applications as well as back-end server-side code.
The first half of my career was centred around C++ and back-end processing, whereas since moving to New Zealand it has predominantly involved C# .NET, SQL and various web technologies. With advances in technology, I have used Docker and have a limited knowledge of Kubernetes.
I always like learning new things and sharing my programming knowledge with less experienced developers.


I am looking for a small to mid-sized organisation (< 250 employees) where I am able to grow my skill set, share my knowledge and contribute ideas. Work/Life balance is hugely important to me so flexibility in hours is a must have.

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32 years

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15 years
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