Cloud engineer/Cloud architect


Implementing AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto-scaling groups.
Using IAM to create and manage AWS users and groups and use permissions to allow and deny their access to AWS resources.
Deploying CloudFormation templates for VPC built with private and public subnets coupled with EC2s instances as required.
Performing root-cause analysis of recurring issues, taking keen attention to system backup and system setup.
Caching, SQL Azure, NoSQL, Storage, Network services, Azure Active Directory, API Management, Scheduling, Auto Scaling, and PowerShell Automation.
Working with protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, IP addressing, HTTP, SSL/TLS, DHCP, ARP, ICMP, LAN, WAN, DNS etc.
Designing AWS Virtual Private Cloud, Subnets, Security Groups, Network Access Controls, configure AWS Elastic Load Balancing for application high availability and performance.
Performing Test Case Automation, Code Analysis & Reviews, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment.
Configuring with different artifacts to make an image and deploy Docker image to install the application on an instance, maintain and troubleshoot for any user issues or network problems.
Worked and Performed tools such as Wireshark, Putty, TCPDUMP, VirtualBox, VMware workstation, MySQL, File systems, Firewalls, VMware EXSI
Capable in designing, building and automating cloud infrastructures on Amazon Web Services.
Understanding of Configuring and Deploying application packages on to the Apache


I'm currently looking for a new opportunities and growth Cloud engineer/Linux system administrator/Professional scrum master I

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6 years

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6 years

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6 years

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6 years
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