Character designer


My background is predominantly freelancing, office work, as well as customer service. While earning my degree in Fine arts I was able to pay my personal Bill's as well as for books on freelance work creating characters for online customers. I also worked in an academic building that doubled as an art gallery. My tasks there started off in custodial but resulted in a few promotions landing me as the manager within 3years. Once Covid hit I ended up in a job serving food. Even though it is not my preferred feild I still give my all and support my coworkers. Recently I have been hired as a contract artist drawing branded characters for a cup and hat company.


I'm looking for a job that needs a 2D character or prop designer and is okay with having someone new to the field, but is very excited to work, learn, and do their absolute best.
I'm also looking for a job that preferably starts remotely till I can raise enough funds to move to that location. (Staying in the USA would be preferred.)
I'm looking for the start of a long term career in character and or prop design. I love art, I love cartoons, and I'm excited to meet my next great opportunity!

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

1 year
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