Business/ Data Analyist


4 year vetran of Amazon Fulfillment centers.
Compiled about two years worth of frequency of events and response time data by wrangling and analyzing using Excel, to improve production and quality of work across operational workflows. Shared reports with upper management which resulted in an increase for production across a minimum of four departments.
Communicated progress and roadblocks to stakeholders, including upper management and made recommendations to remove roadblocks leading to on-time delivery of projects.
3 time unescorted access granted to Cooper Nulcear Station for outages.
Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Candidate - Emory x Pathstream 2021 - Present
Cleaned, manipulated, visualized, and analyzed raw data using spreadsheet software (i.e. Google Sheets), SQL (i.e. MySQL), and BI data visualization tool (i.e. Tableau).
Conducted an exploratory data analysis (EDA) to provide key stakeholders with data-based evidence of user success characteristics to make the business case for additional funding.
Created DDL and DML SQL queries from formal and ad hoc data requests to draw insights and make data-driven recommendations to support company growth.
Built a Tableau Story with interactive dashboards and dashboard objects to report insights from comparative analysis completed in Tableau Desktop to technical and non-technical stakeholders.


Looking for an starting position as a data or business analyst. I specialize in SQL, Tableau, Google Sheets, and Excel. I am recently Certified by Emory University. Hybrid or Remote position preferred. Office position should be in Kansas City Metropolitan area. 45,000$ yearly is my minimum salary requirement.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / year


Total Professional Experience

5 years

Startup Experience

2 years

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

no experience
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