Back-End Software Engineer


I recently optimized the backend of an e-commerce web application with Node.js/Express, PostgreSQL, and React to handle large scale of data and client requests. After reducing the query time in the database from 5s to 1ms, I also horizontally scaled up the server by running two servers in parallel on AWS EC2 instances and set up a separate instance with NGINX as a load balancer. I was able to double the performance from 500 RPS to 980 RPS and cut the latency time in half from 70 ms to 42 ms with 0% error rate for over 10 million primary records.


I want a team that I am happy to work with every day and I want some fun and challenging projects that can make our daily life easier. I appreciate companies who put customers' need first and also respect their staffs.

Employment Preferences
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**,000 USD

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Total Professional Experience

2 years
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