Backend Developer ( Spring boot )


Summarising my journey so far, I graduated in 2019, with BE in Computer Science, when I joined Accenture as a Associate software developer. During my employment in Accenture, I worked on multiple streams, contributing to building backend application with SpringBoot to working with DevOps team to create CICD pipeline, containerisation, managing the same and deployment using Terraforms. Additionally I worked on building a chatbot as a side project for consumer engagement and feature exploration and so on.

After switching to TransactBox, I was majorly involved into backend development ( with SpringBoot ), and AWS deployments of the same. For every project I have worked on, we followed Microservices-based architecture, with single api-gateway, OAuth and Google ReCaptcha, MySQL Database, Kafka as MQ, Test coverage of over 85% and same environment implemented on AWS with ECR, Docker, RDS and CICD pipeline with AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline.


Challenges. I always wanted to break into fields like Data Engineering, as in backend development is my passion, but I feel data science, blockchain, AI & ML are the future, and I want to learn by doing, as even If I get certification, without a working experience I won't go anywhere. If there's someone who can trust me enough, to hand me the opportunity to work on any other streams, I would work like hell to meet the expectations.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

*,*00,000 INR

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

3 years

Startup Experience

1 year

Big-Tech Companies

no experience

Enterprise Experience

2 years
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