Autonomous Vehicle Engineer


Responsibility Work with large truck OEM to create ROS-based modules for self-driving trucks.
Composed C++ cross-compile pipeline to develop ROS based system on Nvidia Drive PX2 for Autonomous Driving to enable creation and modification of APIs simultaneously by multiple users.
Developed perception stack Integrated GMSL Cameras (Sekonix), Lidars (Quanergy & Velodyne) and built ROS nodes against ROS and Nvidia Drive libraries for both, data publishing & CUDA streaming.
Worked on integration of GPS and IMU data for localization of the vehicle in addition to odometry model.
Currently working on sensor fusion of camera data and point cloud data to segment objects in camera and to generate relatable surfaces in point cloud for better decisions in low-level planner.


Life is sum of all experience which helps us make better decision in future. Same applies in any technology domain and for me it is only Robotics. Every person who contributes to this field will help to reach higher limits. I expect for a platform where I would be supported for this cause and be able to deliver better solutions to humanity by solving complex multi-disciplinary problems.

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