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As an Associate Product Manager, I made significant contributions at a cutting-edge SaaS company focused on limited release sneaker purchases via mobile applications. My primary focus was on user onboarding and app adoption, overseeing two key applications. One served as an industry hub for news, raffle tracking, and surprise release notifications, where I managed user accounts with CMS tools like Sanity, Fusionauth, and Onesignal.

My expertise extended to compliance, particularly in KYC procedures, due to our use of Stripe Identity Verification. To boost app adoption, I spearheaded cross-functional projects, collaborating with Product, Community, and Marketing teams to create impactful "surprise and delight" campaigns, resulting in an impressive 80% reduction in cancellation requests.

Beyond these responsibilities, I employed data-driven insights from Amplitude to inform feature prioritization on our product roadmap. I also played a pivotal role in shaping user personas and journey maps to guide our development efforts. Ultimately, my efforts led to a remarkable membership increase, from 4000 to 10000 members, within just two years.

Post my tenure at the company, I further honed my skills by earning a Product Manager certification through Brainstation. Additionally, I hold a dual degree in Business and Political Science from the University of British Columbia, underscoring my diverse knowledge and commitment to excellence.


I thrive in an environment that fosters personal growth and encourages taking ownership of responsibilities. My ideal team comprises of passionate individuals dedicated to crafting exceptional products. I value collaboration with peers who challenge my perspective, driving me to explore different angles. Simultaneously, I appreciate when my team places trust in my abilities to deliver results that align with established standards.

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**,000 CAD

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2 years

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2 years

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