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I am a retail leader with a passion for performing above the status quo. With over ten years of leading in the retail industry across a variety of industries, I thrive each day by challenging myself to see how I can effectively contribute to my organization's mission and strategic business objectives. I am a natural sales leader, with a strong track record that speaks for itself.
I am always eager to learn how I can be more effective at my role and have thrived under inspirational and authentic leadership professionals who have guided me throughout my career path. This mindset has contributed to my rise to higher leadership positions in several organizations.
I have earned national service awards and been recognized in large forums. I have been known to take on special assignments outside of the normal duties of my positions and partnered with senior-level leaders to create world-class customer experiences. One of my accomplishments resulted in an invitation from the U.S. Secretary of State to attend an exclusive gathering at the senate building in Washington D.C.


Seeking a position where I can utilize my 10+ years of retail leadership experience to contribute to an organization beyond the brick-and-mortar level. I enjoy taking on new challenges and would welcome domestic and/or international travel up to 90% of the time. I am a talented, educated, and friendly relationship-builder so put me in front of other stakeholders to accomplish critical business objectives.

Employment Preferences
Expected Base Salary

**,000 USD / year

Academic Degree

Total Professional Experience

22 years
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